750W Electric Bikes


Our 750W Electric Bikes, designed for individuals seeking power and performance, will enhance your riding experience. These bikes include a powerful 750-watt engine that allows you to ride faster and further. Our 750W Electric Bikes are ideal for city rides and off-road routes since they can readily handle any terrain.

Enhance your riding experience with Cycrown's premium selections. Prepare for your ride with our essential e-bike accessories, which are designed to make it more comfortable and convenient. Enjoy prolonged excursions with our unique Dual Battery Ebike, which doubles your travel capability. Alternatively, our sturdy Fat Tire Ebikes have outstanding stability and traction, allowing you to overcome any terrain. Visit Cycrown now to elevate your journey into an unforgettable experience.

What Class is a 750-Watt Ebike?

A 750-watt e-bike typically falls within Class 2 or Class 3 of electric bike classifications, especially within the United States, where this category is defined as an electric bicycle that provides motor assistance only when the rider is pedaling and ceases to assist when the bike reaches 28 miles per hour. 

However, e-bike laws can vary significantly by country and even between regions within countries, so riders must check their local regulations. Some areas may have specific restrictions or require different classifications for a 750-watt e-bike, which could affect where and how these bikes can be legally ridden.


Why Choose Our 750W Electric Bikes?

Cycrown 750W eBikes have high-capacity batteries, advanced motor technology, and durable components that ensure reliability and performance. Whether you’re looking to boost your daily commute or tackle steep hills and rugged trails, our 750W eBikes provide the power you need with the efficiency and control you desire.

Powerful Motor Performance

Experience the thrill of speed with our high-torque 750W motors that make uphill rides and high-speed cruising effortless.

Extended Range

Experience greater distances with Cycrown's eBikes, equipped with high-capacity batteries for an extended range. Ride confidently, knowing that each charge takes you further, allowing for longer explorations and fewer interruptions. Our reliable and efficient battery technology ensures that your adventures are not limited by distance, providing the endurance needed to pursue your passion for discovery.

Adaptable and Durable

Designed to perform in any environment, our 750W eBikes feature all-terrain tires and robust construction that can withstand the demands of both city streets and backcountry trails.

Featured 750W Electric Bikes

CycRun Moped Electric Bike

The CycRun Moped Electric Bike is a powerhouse, blending the lines between an electric bike and a motorbike. This model offers superior speed and agility with a moped-style frame perfect for those needing a robust vehicle for daily travel.


CycUltra Electric Bike

Tailored for the adventure-seeker, the CycUltra Electric Bike is your ultimate companion for rugged landscapes. It's built to conquer, with features supporting long-distance travel and challenging terrains.

Customize Your Journey

Tailor your 750W electric bike with our range of customizable accessories, including enhanced suspension options, ergonomic seats, and performance-oriented tires for various riding conditions.

Transform Your Rides with 750W Electric Bikes

Experience the world differently with Cycrown's 750W Electric Bikes. They're not merely a means of travel; they're a revolution in your journey toward adventure, fitness, and enjoyment. With the power to broaden your horizons and the freedom to explore, these bikes redefine what's possible. Visit Cycrown today and unlock the potential of every ride.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 750 watts enough for an ebike?

Yes, 750 watts is generally sufficient for an e-bike, providing a robust level of power that can comfortably tackle steep inclines and accommodate higher weight loads. This power output is well-suited for a variety of riding conditions, including off-road trails and urban environments, offering a good balance between speed and range.

What is the best wattage for an e-bike?

The best wattage for an e-bike depends on the rider's needs and local regulations. For general use, 250 to 500 watts is adequate for most riders, offering enough power for flat to moderate terrains. For those seeking more performance or dealing with hilly terrain, 750 to 1000 watts may be preferable. It's important to consider both power and efficiency to find the right balance for your riding style.

What class is a 750-watt eBike?

A 750-watt eBike typically falls into Class 3 under U.S. e-bike regulations, which includes electric bikes that can provide motor assistance up to 28 miles per hour. However, the classification can vary by jurisdiction, and some places may categorize a 750-watt eBike differently or have specific restrictions based on power output.


How fast does a 750W electric bike go?

A 750W electric bike can typically reach top speeds of around 20 to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist. The exact speed can vary based on factors such as the bike's design, rider weight, terrain, and whether the bike is set to comply with local speed regulations for e-bikes.


What is the difference between 750W and 1000W eBike?

The main difference between a 750W and a 1000W eBike is the power output. A 1000W eBike generally offers more torque and can accelerate faster, making it better suited for very steep inclines and heavier riders. However, this increased power can lead to a quicker drain on the battery, potentially reducing the range. A 750W eBike balances power and efficiency, providing ample performance for most riders while often achieving a longer range.


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