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Discover the freedom of carrying more on the go with Cycrown's ebike cargo collection! These bikes are built tough to handle all your gear, making errands and trips a breeze. With a powerful motor and sturdy design, you can zip around town with ease, knowing your items are secure. Whether you're hauling groceries, work supplies, or gear for a day out, our cargo bikes are a reliable choice for anyone looking to add convenience and efficiency to their rides. Say goodbye to bulky bags and multiple trips—Cycrown's cargo e-bikes are here to simplify your life. Shop now and start your hassle-free journey today!

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What is an E-bike Cargo?

An e-bike cargo, or electric cargo bike, is a bicycle designed with an electric motor to assist with pedaling and equipped with large storage areas for transporting goods. These bikes are engineered to carry heavier loads, such as groceries, packages, or even children, making them an ideal choice for individuals or families looking to reduce car use and make their transport more sustainable. 

The added electric assistance helps to manage the extra weight without added strain, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride whether you're running errands, commuting, or taking a leisurely trip around town. E-bike cargos are a practical and eco-friendly solution for anyone looking to combine utility with the ease of electric cycling.


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Why Choose Cycrown Electric Cargo Bikes?

  • Powerful Carrying Capacity: Our cargo e-bikes have wide, sturdy cargo racks and baskets that can bear heavy loads, making them suitable for supermarket trips, equipment transport, and even carrying children.

  • Advanced Motor Technology: Our cargo e-bikes are powered by powerful electric motors, which provide the torque and endurance required to move big loads over long distances and terrains.

  • Eco-Friendly and Economical: With our electric cargo bikes, you can reduce your carbon footprint and fuel expenditures while maintaining optimum efficiency and little environmental effect.

Discover Our Featured Cargo E-Bike Models

  • CycFree Electric Bike: The CycFree is engineered for stability and durability, featuring an extended-range battery and a powerful motor that makes it suitable for carrying heavy loads without sacrificing speed or performance.

  • CycRun Moped Electric Bike: Blending the functionality of a moped with the benefits of an electric bike, the CycRun offers unparalleled versatility and comfort, even on longer journeys with full loads.

Recommended Accessories

Enhance your cargo e-bike experience with our range of tailored accessories:

  • High-Quality Locks: Ensure your cargo and bike's safety with our durable ebike locks.

  • Weather Protection Gear: From waterproof covers to insulated cargo compartments, gear up for any weather condition.

  • Performance Upgrades: Customize your ride with enhanced tires, additional battery packs, and more for even better performance.

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Transform Your Transportation with Cycrown Cargo E-bikes

Cargo e-bikes are not merely about transporting goods; they are about transforming your lifestyle. They allow you to bypass traffic, save on parking fees, and enjoy the outdoors, all while transporting what you need efficiently and comfortably. Whether it’s for personal use or business, our cargo e-bikes represent a smart investment in your mobility and environmental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cargo and regular eBikes?

Cargo eBikes are specifically designed to carry heavier and bulkier loads with features like reinforced frames, larger or multiple cargo areas, and often more powerful motors compared to regular eBikes. Regular eBikes resemble traditional bicycles with an electric motor and are intended for general riding, offering less cargo space and weight capacity.

How do you transport a cargo e-bike?

To transport a cargo e-bike, you can use a suitable bike rack attached to a vehicle, ensuring it can support the bike's weight and dimensions. Alternatively, you may use a trailer or a van if the bike doesn't fold or disassemble. Always secure the bike properly to prevent movement and potential damage during transit.

What is the weight limit for a cargo ebike?

The weight limit for a cargo ebike varies by model and manufacturer but typically ranges from 200 to 400 pounds (90 to 180 kilograms). This includes the weight of the rider, the cargo, and any accessories attached to the bike. Always check the manufacturer's specifications to ensure you do not exceed the recommended weight limit.

Should I remove my ebike battery when transporting?

Yes, it is generally recommended to remove your ebike battery when transporting the bike. Removing the battery can reduce the overall weight, making it easier to lift and secure the bike. It also helps to protect the battery from extreme temperatures and potential damage during transit. Always store the battery safely and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for transportation.


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