Class 2 Ebikes

Experience comfort and convenience with Cycrown's Class 2 e-bikes. These bikes offer the freedom of pedal-assisted cycling and throttle control. Whether navigating busy city streets or cruising country paths, our Class 2 e-bikes elevate your ride. Each model is built with care, ensuring stylish and reliable performance. With Cycrown's Class 2 e-bikes, you're not just getting a ride but embracing a lifestyle where the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Cycrown goes beyond just Class 2 e-bikes with an impressive array of electric bikes to match any rider's needs. Whether you're after the convenience of folding e-bikes, the power of 750w e-bikes, or the versatility of all-terrain e-bikes, Cycrown's selection has something for every type of cyclist to enhance your riding experience.

What is a Class 2 Electric Bike?

A Class 2 electric bike is a type of e-bike equipped with both pedal-assist and throttle mechanisms, allowing riders to engage the motor without pedaling if they choose. The motor assists up to a speed of 20 miles per hour, making it ideal for urban commuting, leisurely rides, or tackling moderate inclines with ease. 

Class 2 e-bikes offer a versatile and accessible electric cycling experience, catering to a wide range of users seeking the added convenience of a throttle-powered boost.

Why Choose a Class 2 Ebike?

Class 2 ebikes offer a unique combination of throttle and pedal-assist, providing riders with flexibility and control. This versatility makes them suitable for various uses, from commuting to recreational riding. They offer a balance of convenience, safety, and fun.

Versatility and Convenience

The versatility of class 2 ebikes makes them suitable for city commutes and outdoor adventures. With features like adjustable assist levels, reliable braking systems, and comfortable seating, these bikes offer a convenient and enjoyable riding experience.

Safety and Control

Safety is a key feature of class 2 ebikes. With the ability to control the level of assistance and the presence of throttle control, riders have more command over their speed and power. This control enhances safety, particularly when navigating busy streets or uneven terrains.

Featured Products

Our assortment includes high-quality models such as the CycUltra Electric Bike and the CycKnight Folding Electric Bike. The CycUltra has a strong motor and a streamlined appearance, making it ideal for urban commuters. The CycKnight is great for people who want a compact yet powerful bike, with a folding frame for convenient storage.

The CycFree Electric Bike is another standout option, thanks to its lightweight frame and economical engine. It is ideal for cyclists who prioritize both performance and convenience.

Elevate Your Ride with Class 2 Electric Bikes

Improve your riding experience with Cycrown's top-tier class 2 ebikes. These bikes combine cutting-edge technology, high performance, and beautiful design. Enjoy the ease of throttle control paired with the effectiveness of the pedal assist. Please contact us immediately for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is class 2 Ebikes Street legal?

In many places, class 2 ebikes are street-legal and can be used on bike paths and public roads. However, it's important to check local regulations as they can vary by location. Generally, these bikes are considered safe and suitable for commuting.

How far can I ride on a class 2 ebike?

The distance you can cover on a class 2 ebike depends on factors like battery capacity, terrain, and assist level. On average, you can expect a range of 20 to 50 miles on a single charge. Always check the specifications of each model for precise details.

How do I maintain a class 2 ebike?

Maintaining a class 2 ebike involves regular checks and upkeep. Keep the tires inflated, clean the bike regularly, and ensure the battery is properly charged. It's also advisable to have the bike serviced periodically to ensure all components, including the throttle and pedal assist, are functioning correctly.

What is the difference between a class 2 and class 3 electric bike?

The difference between a Class 2 and Class 3 electric bike lies in their speed capabilities and the presence of a throttle. Class 2 e-bikes are equipped with a throttle and can provide electric assistance up to 20 mph, whether you're pedaling or not. In contrast, Class 3 e-bikes, also known as speed pedelecs, do not have a throttle and can provide pedal assistance up to a higher speed of 28 mph. Additionally, Class 3 e-bikes often come with a requirement for a speedometer and may have different regulations regarding where they can be ridden, such as being restricted from certain bike paths where higher speeds are not permitted.

Do all Class 3 Ebikes have a throttle?

No, Class 3 e-bikes typically do not come with a throttle. They are designed to provide pedal assistance only and can assist the rider up to speeds of 28 mph. The focus of Class 3 e-bikes is on higher performance through pedal assistance, which differentiates them from Class 2 e-bikes that offer both pedal assistance and throttle control up to 20 mph. As regulations for e-bikes can vary by region, it's important to check local laws to understand the specific requirements and features allowed for Class 3 e-bikes in your area.


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