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Explore our broad selection of high-quality ebike parts designed to improve performance, increase durability, and extend the life of your e-bike. Whether you want to increase your bike's performance or need new components to keep it operating smoothly, we have everything from batteries to whole motor kits.

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What are the Main Parts of Ebike?

The main parts of an ebike include:

  • The frame: the core structure of the bike.

  • The motor: provides electric assistance to the rider.

  • The battery: stores the electrical energy for the motor.

  • The controller: manages the power flow from the battery to the motor.

  • The throttle (in some models): allows the rider to control the motor's power manually.

  • The pedal-assist sensor (in some models): detects pedaling and provides motor assistance based on effort.

  • The drivetrain: includes the gears, chain, and pedals that transfer power to the wheels.

  • The wheels and tires: are essential for moving the bike.

  • The brakes: for stopping the bike; may be mechanical or hydraulic.

  • The handlebars and stem: for steering the bike.

  • The display (in some models): shows information such as speed, battery level, and assistance level.

Why Shop E-Bike Parts with Us?

1. Comprehensive Range

We offer a wide array of e-bike components, including batteries, motors, controllers, tires, and more. Each part is carefully selected to ensure compatibility with most major e-bike models.

2. Premium Quality Ebike Parts

All our parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers and are tested for quality and durability. We stand by the excellence of our products to provide you with the best possible performance.

3. Expert Advice

Our team of e-bike experts is always available to help you choose the right parts for your bike. We provide personalized advice based on your specific e-bike model and riding needs.

4. Competitive Prices

Get the best value for your money. We offer competitive pricing on all our e-bike parts, along with regular promotions and discounts to help you save more.

Recommended E-Bike Parts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to build or buy an ebike?

Whether it is cheaper to build or buy an ebike can depend on various factors including the cost of individual components, the specifications of the ebike you want, and your own technical skills. Generally, buying a complete ebike is more straightforward and can often be cheaper if you are looking for a basic model. Building an ebike from parts or using a conversion kit can sometimes be more cost-effective if you already have a suitable bicycle to convert and want a custom setup, but it requires technical knowledge and skill to assemble.

What is an ebike kit?

An ebike kit is a set of components that can be used to convert a regular bicycle into an electric bike. These kits typically include a motor, a battery, a controller, a pedal-assist sensor, and sometimes a throttle. The kit allows riders to upgrade their existing bike with electric assistance without having to purchase a complete ebike.

What is important in an ebike?

What is important in an ebike can vary depending on the intended use and preferences of the rider. 

However, some key factors to consider include:

  • Battery Life and Range: The distance an ebike can travel on a single charge is crucial for most users. A longer range is generally preferred, especially for commuting or long rides.

  • Motor Power: The motor's wattage impacts the ebike's ability to tackle hills and accelerate. The power should match the rider's needs for speed and terrain.

  • Weight: The weight of the ebike affects its handling and portability. Lighter bikes are easier to maneuver and carry when necessary.

  • Durability: Quality construction and components can ensure the ebike withstands regular use and lasts longer.

  • Comfort: A comfortable seat, ergonomic handlebars, and a frame design suited to the rider's body can make a significant difference in the riding experience.

  • Safety Features: Reliable brakes, lights, and reflective elements are important for safe riding, especially in traffic or low-light conditions.

  • User Interface: A clear and intuitive display for monitoring speed, battery level, and other settings can enhance the user experience.

  • Warranty and Support: Good customer service and a comprehensive warranty can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Are ebike batteries AC or DC?

Ebike batteries are DC (Direct Current). Ebike systems are designed to operate on DC power because the electric motors used in ebikes require DC to function efficiently. The batteries store and provide energy in DC form, which is then regulated by the controller to power the motor. When charging an ebike battery, an AC (Alternating Current) source, such as a standard household outlet, is converted to DC by the ebike's charger before being stored in the battery.


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