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Where Innovation Meets Endurance: Introducing the New CycHunter Electric Bike

Where Innovation Meets Endurance: Introducing the New CycHunter Electric Bike

We are excited to unveil our latest groundbreaking innovation - the CycHunter Electric Bike. As the name suggests, this e-bike is synonymous with power and the spirit of adventure.

Boasting a distinctive design that sets it apart from its competitors, the CycHunter electric bike seamlessly blends style and functionality. Available in two captivating color options - the classic black and a refreshing green - this e-bike adapts effortlessly to your environment, whether navigating the bustling city streets or exploring uncharted outdoor trails.

What Makes the CycHunter Stand Out?

Building upon the success of our previous model, the CycRun Moped Electric Bike, we are excited to present the all-new CycHunter - a remarkable evolution in electric bike technology.

Dual Battery Design for Unmatched Range

Powered by a cutting-edge dual 48V 13+13Ah battery system, the CycHunter boasts an astonishing maximum range of over 150 miles. This remarkable range, twice that of many competitors, ensures extended rides with unparalleled reliability and power.

All-Terrain Capability Redefined

The CycHunter takes all-terrain performance to unprecedented heights. Equipped with a Full Suspension System, Hydraulic Fork, Rear Shock Absorber, and a Highly Elastic Saddle, this electric bike delivers superior shock absorption for a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the terrain.


Exhilarating Riding Experience

Propelled by a powerful Peak 1000W motor, the CycHunter reaches top speeds of up to 28 mph, with an impressive acceleration of just 3.8 seconds. Whether you're speeding down country backroads or tackling challenging trails, its climbing capability effortlessly conquers even the steepest 30° grades, offering an unrivaled thrill.

Thoughtful Design of the CycHunter

In addition to the impressive technical capabilities we've already highlighted, the CycHunter goes the extra mile with its thoughtfully designed features, demonstrating our commitment to providing a truly exceptional electric bike experience.

  • Stable Seamless Frame: At the heart of the CycHunter's design is a diamond frame structure that not only looks stylish but also supports a maximum load of 330 lbs, ensuring exceptional stability and durability.
  • Bright Lighting System: Prioritizing safety, the CycHunter is equipped with high-brightness LED headlights and turn signal tail lights, allowing you to see and be seen clearly, even during night rides.
  • Intelligent Color Display: The CycHunter's stylish, intelligent, and easy-to-read color display provides all the essential information you need at a glance, keeping you informed and in control of your ride.
  • 4+1 Versatile Riding Modes: Offering unparalleled flexibility, the CycHunter features five distinct riding modes: Pure Electric Mode, Pedal Assist Mode, Normal Bike Mode, Walk Assist Mode, and Cruise Control, allowing you to tailor your experience to your specific needs.
  • Ultimate Cushioned Comfort: Designed with the rider's comfort in mind, the CycHunter features a premium softly-padded saddle that provides plush support, ensuring you can enjoy all-day rides in complete comfort.



By seamlessly integrating these thoughtful design elements, the CycHunter elevates the electric bike experience to new heights, delivering a remarkable and versatile ride.

Versatile for Every Rider: CycHunter's Broad Appeal

While the CycHunter may initially appear geared towards off-road enthusiasts, its versatile design and real-world performance make it an exceptional choice for various riders and applications, including outdoor adventures, urban commutes, and fitness-focused activities.

1. Outdoor Adventures

With its powerful motor, impressive range, and advanced suspension system, the CycHunter is the perfect companion for those seeking to explore the great outdoors. Whether navigating rugged trails, climbing steep inclines, or traversing challenging terrain, this electric bike ensures a thrilling and confident riding experience, allowing you to venture off the beaten path with ease.

2. Urban Commutes

The CycHunter's sleek design, maneuverability, and impressive top speeds make it an ideal choice for city dwellers looking to streamline their daily commutes. Its seamless integration into urban environments, combined with features like the intelligent color display and safety-enhancing lights, make the CycHunter a practical and efficient solution for navigating busy streets and traffic.


3. Fitness-Focused Activities

For those seeking an electric bike that can keep up with their active lifestyle, the CycHunter delivers. Its diverse riding modes, including Pedal Assist and Pure Electric, cater to a range of fitness goals, allowing you to tailor your workout while enjoying the benefits of electric-powered assistance.

Elevate Your Rides With the CycHunter Now

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, the CycHunter is the perfect companion for both your urban commutes and off-road explorations. Its versatile capabilities allow you to conquer the demands of the city while also embracing the thrill of venturing into the great outdoors.

With the CycHunter, you can confidently tackle any terrain, from paved roads to rugged paths, without compromising style or capability. This electric bike embodies the perfect fusion of power, adventure, and elegance, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking to elevate their riding experiences.

Get ready to unlock a new level of freedom and exploration with the CycHunter Electric Bike - your gateway to seamless urban mobility and exhilarating outdoor adventures.

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