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CycUltra's Outstanding New Color Additions Are the Bomb!

CycUltra's Outstanding New Color Additions Are the Bomb!

The increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation has triggered the massive adoption of electric bikes in recent years. According to experts, the global e-bike market reached an evaluation of USD 15.42 billion in 2019. Sales are forecasted to continue climbing, with more than 40 million e-bikes sold globally in 2023 alone.


Choosing a reliable and practical e-bike from the numerous options in the market could be daunting. But with a trusted e-bike provider like CYCROWN, with a wealth of industry experience, you can be assured that you’ll make a hassle-free and intelligent choice.


In 2023, CYCROWN launched its flagship model, CycUltra, which received numerous positive online feedback from satisfied customers globally. 


Today, CYCROWN has taken the CycUltra to new horizons with its extended color variants and upgrades, giving the recently released version an uplift while granting consumers a unique experience. 


This new CycUltra proves our devotion to consistent innovation and your satisfaction. We honestly can’t wait to share this journey with you, our e-bike enthusiasts.

What Are the Key Features of the New CycUltra?

Here are two key features that make the new CycUltra stand out from the original version.

Express Yourself With More Color Options


The newly upgraded CycUltra features additional color options aside from the original classic black color, bringing more aesthetic and taste to the palette of consumers who want to express their inner art.


At CYCROWN, we firmly believe that e-bikes aren’t just a means of transportation. They go beyond the norm and serve as a fantastic way for consumers to express themselves and reflect their personality. Hence, we released three stunning colors: orange, green, and purple.


With these color shades, you, the buyer, can pick the ideal color that meets your unique preference and daily surroundings. So, whether it’s a ride downtown, an urban street, or touring offroad, there’s a hue that matches perfectly with your mood.

Improved Lighting for Your Safety


Safety is not just a priority; we promise it at CYCROWN. That’s why we introduced improved lighting on the new CycUltra to enhance your visibility and safety while riding at night significantly. 


The improved lighting has made riding through the lush of the night a cream puff, thanks to its larger and brighter circular headlamp. This headlamp helps riders see in low-light areas,  especially in the dark, making it a preferable option to the standard headlight. 


The widened beam is another highlight of the improved lighting, helping you see and be seen while venturing confidently into unknown routes.

Other Notable Features of the New CycUltra


In addition to the four color variants and improved headlights, we’ve included other key features for the new CycUltra worth noting.

Explore More With Extended Battery Life


With the new CycUltra, you can go above and beyond covering longer distances, thanks to the e-bike’s large 15.6Ah removable lithium battery that offers an extended battery life. 


This means bike campers or adventurers can now enjoy longer rides with less effort without running out of juice.


The detachable lithium battery feature also improves its versatility, allowing you to charge your e-bike anywhere there is power connectivity. Ride data and real-time battery status aren’t left out with this e-bike—thanks to its striking LCD color display that keeps riders informed.

Experience More Power for All Terrains


The unfettering power of the new CycUltra arguably makes it one of the top e-bikes globally that can handle all terrains, whether plying a steep hill or carrying a heavy load. Thanks to its 750W high-torque motor and 80Nm (currently one of the highest in the e-bike industry), you can rest assured that the new CycUltra will offer you more than the power you need without sacrificing its speed and acceleration. 


In other words, bikers with the new CycUltra can comfortably handle mountain biking effortlessly without facing any glitches, giving traditional mountain bikes a run for their money.

A Cushioned Ride That Boosts Comfort


With an extended battery and more powertrain, we still didn’t shortchange our consumers' comfort, which is why the new CycUltra features a triple suspension technology.


Everything from the rear shock absorber, compliant seat, and front suspension fork was designed effectively to enable the rider to enjoy a smooth ride, overcoming rough terrain with little or no vibrations. We pride ourselves on giving 100 percent comfort with the new CycUltra, allowing you to focus entirely on enjoying a safe ride over enduring the trip.

Why Riders Are Excited About the CycUltra


Since the CycUltra hit the market, we have received positive feedback from happy customers globally, pointing to the product’s reliability, quality, and affordability. Here are key features that gave riders a remarkable experience with this e-bike.

A User Friendliness and Precise Shifting

The new CycUltra’s versatile 9-speed Shimano drivetrain is getting accolades from riders as it offers polished and systematic power transmission, improving the overall riding experience. 


Riders are also impressed with this e-bike’s precise shifting because it allows easy ride customization—regardless of the terrain. User-friendliness is another feature that beginners enjoy, alongside the intuitive LCD that provides essential data.

Enhanced Safety and Increased Comfort

Most consumers commended the CycUltra for its attention to safety, including features like dual suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. Further, riders report that they experienced more comfort with the upgraded variant due to details like the compliant seat and wide puncture-resistant tires with a firm grip.

CYCROWN - Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

At CYCROWN, we continually aim to serve our consumers better, and every feedback is crucial. That’s why we always yearn to know what our customers think about our e-bikes, constantly using the data to improve their user experience.


The upgraded CycUltra is a perfect example of a product born out of customer feedback. The users spoke, we listened, and integrated new advancements that have led to its success today.


Our company’s vision is to make our consumers see beyond our e-bikes, not only as vehicles for commuting but as lifetime companions. Through consistent evolution influenced by real-life consumer feedback, we’ll work together to continue making e-bikes that tick the boxes for quality and practicality—while remaining environmentally conscious.

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