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CYCROWN Shines at 2024 Sea Otter Classic with Innovative E-Bikes

CYCROWN Shines at 2024 Sea Otter Classic with Innovative E-Bikes

CYCROWN proudly participated in the highly anticipated 2024 Sea Otter Classic held in the picturesque Monterey, California from April 18th to 21st. As an exhibitor, we showcased our state-of-the-art e-bike innovations, captivating cycling enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.


At Booth Number Y9, we presented our innovative line of e-bikes, such as the versatile CycUltra all-road electric bikes, the adventurous CycRun fat tire moped electric bike, the efficient CycFree long-range commuter bikes, and the robust CycWagen cargo electric bikes, catering to diverse riding needs and scenarios.


Cycling enthusiasts were invited to embark on thrilling test rides along the scenic coastal trails, experiencing firsthand the power and agility of CYCROWN's e-bikes. Riders were impressed by the smooth and powerful assisted pedaling provided by CYCROWN motors and the lightweight yet durable frames.



The event also provided an opportunity to educate attendees about the numerous environmental benefits of electric biking. Many individuals were excited to discover the positive impact of switching to electric bikes for daily transportation.


"We are thrilled to have been a part of the 2024 Sea Otter Classic and to share our latest e-bike innovations with the vibrant cycling community," said a spokesperson from CYCROWN. "The event allowed us to engage with passionate cyclists, gather valuable feedback, and showcase the cutting-edge technology and performance of our e-bikes."



The CYCROWN team looks forward to continuing our innovation journey and providing exceptional e-bike experiences to riders worldwide.

Where Cycling Meets World-Class Competition and Innovation

Renowned as the top cycling festival in North America, the Sea Otter Classic superbly blends world-class competition with cutting-edge industry displays. Born from a single race in 1991, it has grown into one of the largest outdoor cycling expos, attracting over 10,000 athletes annually to California's breathtaking coastline.


CYCROWN's presence underscores our commitment to revolutionizing electric mobility. By learning from leading brands and gathering feedback from enthusiastic and professional cyclists, we aim to craft extraordinary e-bikes that inspire more people to embrace sustainable transportation.



As cycling's premier showcase for both the greatest achievements and future technologies, the Sea Otter Classic represents the pinnacle of the sport. We felt honored to join this event fueling progress, athleticism, and passion for humanity's first recreational machine.


Looking forward, we're dedicated to unveiling even more stunning e-bikes that strengthen our reputation as an innovator empowering accessible adventures. The Sea Otter Classic continues to inspire as we push boundaries for a greener and more mobile future.

CYCROWN: Redefine the E-Bike Landscape with Passion

As a newcomer in the e-bike industry, CYCROWN is committed to providing reliable and affordable e-bike options for all riders. Our diverse range of e-bikes includes commuter, mountain, and cargo models, designed to meet the unique needs of every cyclist.


The name CYCROWN represents our unwavering dedication to creating top-quality and accessible e-bikes. We understand that earning the crown in this competitive market is a long-term journey, driving us to upgrade our bikes year after year.



We take pride in our notable innovations so far, including the CycFree long-range electric bikes, CycKnight folding electric bikes, CycRun moped electric bikes, CycWagen dual battery cargo e-bike, and CycUltra all-terrain electric bikes. Each model undergoes rigorous market testing and has gained the trust of our loyal customers.


Listening to our customers and valuing their feedback is paramount. We actively seek their insights to refine our products, continuously improving based on their valuable reviews.


Additionally, participation in industry-leading e-bike shows like the Sea Otter Classic allows us to learn from competitors and engage directly with passionate cyclists. This collaborative approach ensures that our future releases align with evolving preferences and cater to the changing needs of riders.


Final Words

At CYCROWN, our journey in e-bike innovation is ongoing. We strive to extend riding ranges, enhance the overall riding experience, and provide unparalleled value to our customers. With each step forward, we solidify our position as a trusted and innovative brand in the e-bike community.


Join us as we redefine the e-bike landscape, ushering in a new era of reliable, affordable, and high-performance electric bicycles.

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