Bike Phone Holders

Bike Phone Holders

At Cycrown, we understand that staying connected while on the go is essential, which is why our Bike Phone Holder collection is engineered with your connectivity and convenience in mind.

Ideal for cyclists who need navigation, fitness tracking, or just want to stay in touch, our phone holders are built to secure your device on all terrains. Coupled with durability and style, you can keep your smartphone in view and within easy reach, whether you're speeding down a hill or cruising the city streets.

Not only do we specialize in keeping you connected, but our range of products also includes pedal-assist e-bikes for easier climbs, waterproof e-bikes for all-weather riders, all-terrain bikes, and dual battery e-bikes for extended adventures. Enhance your cycling experience with Cycrown, where performance and practicality ride side by side.

Enjoy the Convenience of Bike Phone Holders

Bike phone holders are an indispensable accessory for modern cyclists, offering a blend of safety and convenience. With your device safely mounted, you can navigate with ease, track riding stats, or simply enjoy your favorite tunes.

Safe and Accessible GPS Navigation

Secure your smartphone in a bike phone mount to effortlessly view GPS directions, reducing the risk of handling your device while cycling and keeping your focus on the road ahead.

Seamless Ride Tracking

Capture every detail of your journey with your phone in view, allowing for easy access to fitness apps that track speed, duration, and calories burned, without ever needing to stop pedaling.

Effortless Communication

A reliable bike phone holder enables you to make calls or send voice commands without interrupting your ride, ensuring you're always reachable and can communicate effortlessly when it matters.

Secure Your Smartphone on Every Ride With Bike Phone Mounts From Cycrown

Experience the perfect combination of stability and versatility with our bike phone mounts, designed to keep your device safe and accessible as you pedal through new terrains or familiar paths.

Robust & Reliable Grip

Crafted with durability in mind, our bike mounts feature stainless steel arms and supportive corners, offering unmatched security for your device against the bumps and turns of your ride.

Effortless, Tool-Free Setup

Embrace the simplicity of our mounts with a straightforward, no-tool-required installation process that firmly attaches to any bicycle handlebar, ensuring a hassle-free setup for any cyclist.

Broad Compatibility for Smartphones

Our adaptable phone holders are designed to accommodate a wide range of smartphones, fitting devices from 4 to 7 inches, making it a versatile choice for cyclists regardless of their preferred phone brand or model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bike phone mounts safe?

Yes, bike phone mounts are designed to safely secure your phone. They come with features like sturdy clamp arms and rubberized grips to prevent your phone from shaking loose or getting damaged, even on rough rides. Just be sure that the mount is properly installed and that your phone is properly secured before you start pedaling.

How do you attach your phone to your bike?

Attaching your phone to a bike is easy with a bike phone mount. These typically fasten onto the handlebars with a locking nut, eliminating the need for tools. Place your smartphone in the mount and adjust the clamps to hold it in place securely. Always check that the phone is firmly attached before cycling.

Where do you keep your phone cycling?

When cycling, it's best to keep your phone in a bike phone mount attached to the handlebars. This position allows for easy viewing and access to your phone for navigation and other apps while ensuring it is secure and out of the way, allowing you to keep your hands free and focused on riding.

What is the purpose of a phone holder?

A phone holder's purpose is to safely and conveniently secure your smartphone on your bike. This enables hands-free access to your phone's features like navigation, music, and calls, enhancing your cycling experience while keeping your focus on riding safely. It also protects your phone from pocket or backpack-related damage.

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