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Effortless Rides Await with CycWagen: Your Perfect Cargo E-Bike Companion

Effortless Rides Await with CycWagen: Your Perfect Cargo E-Bike Companion

Cargo e-bikes have become the transportation trend taking the city by storm. Seamlessly integrating into diverse routines, these versatile vehicles can uplift everything you do.

Grocery trips become joyrides. Picking up the kids is an outdoor adventure. Exploring with your four-legged friend brings smiles miles down the road. Whether running errands or boosting well-being, cargo e-bikes enhance life in every pedal.

As a trusted provider of sustainable transportation solutions, CYCROWN takes great pride in introducing the CycWagen—an exceptional cargo e-bike that sets new standards in practicality, enjoyment, and eco-conscious living.

In this blog, we invite you to delve into the world of CycWagen and uncover its standout attributes. Are you ready to ride?

What Is CycWagen Electric Cargo Bike?

Built for heavy hauling, the CycWagen electric cargo bike effortlessly transports loads up to 440 lbs that exceed regular bikes' capacity. 


Its sturdy frame and extended wheelbase accommodate larger, heavier cargo. Twenty-four smart mounting points front and back securely fasten items using baskets or other storage accessories.



"This bike is a beast and whether biking by the river or the thick sands of the beach it has the power to get through it effortlessly," said one satisfied owner. "I added a couple of baskets and got tons of compliments." So far, reviews have scored the CycWagen an outstanding 4.82 out of 5 on our official store.


Since launching, CycWagen has grown popular among urban residents. It supports efficient living in busy neighborhoods and is suitable for daily commuting, errands, and local goods delivery. This durable workhorse enables convenient neighborhood services through eco-friendly transportation of goods.

Why Does CycWagen Stand Out?

Available for a highly competitive new arrival price of just $1,499.99, the CycWagen cargo e-bike delivers outstanding features at an attractive lower price point compared to similar models.


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Double the Range With Dual Batteries

While other cargo e-bikes offer only single battery configurations, the CycWagen stands out with a best-in-class dual system for extended range:

  • Two high-capacity UL-2849 certified batteries combine for a sizable 1200Wh total
  • A 48V 10Ah unit teams up with a 48V 15Ah battery to effectively double the range
  • Up to 120 miles—a gas-rivaling range that empowers cargo hauling all day long

With the CycWagen, you can confidently transport goods, knowing that multiple deliveries or errand runs are well within reach before needing to recharge overnight. Say goodbye to range anxiety as CycWagen's unparalleled battery performance eliminates any concerns.

Versatility and Power Combined

Packed with clever versatility, the CycWagen accommodates up to 440 lbs of configurable cargo combinations—a staggering 200 setups! Utilizing its 24 strategic interior and rear mounting points, you can customize loads with add-ons like shelving, hooks, and dividers.



Whether it's family picnics or outdoor sports, the CycWagen enables you to enjoy pedal-assisted fun for up to 120 miles, reaching speeds of up to 28 MPH, courtesy of our powerful 750W (peak 1000W) motor

This robust motor proves especially advantageous for effortlessly transporting goods uphill. With the CycWagen, there are no limits to what you can carry or how far you can go. 

Safety and Reliability Redefined

The CycWagen is equipped with hydraulic brakes, delivering robust stopping power for quick and stable stops. Safety is further enhanced by integrated turn signals, ensuring others are alerted during turns.


Its oversized 20x3.0" fat tires provide worry-free cargo expeditions, shrugging off punctures and offering protection and visibility on residential lanes or crowded streets.

With a torque sensor, the CycWagen offers intuitive riding. Power adapts to every pedal push, effortlessly propelling riders even from a standstill with full cargo. Predictable responses cater to varying speeds and strengths, providing a cradling experience.

Experience confident transportation of goods through challenging terrain or traffic. CycWagen's industry-leading technology ensures reliability, allowing riders to focus on purposeful travel without worrying about the machine. Trust in its productivity and unleash your riding potential.

How to Select the Right Electric Cargo Bike?

When selecting the ideal bike to suit your needs, it's essential to consider factors such as power, capacity, range, type, and other value-added features to make an informed decision.


Power and Capacity 

When searching for the perfect bike, prioritize those with a high weight capacity to ensure you can effortlessly carry all your necessities. Additionally, opt for a powerful motor to maintain a smooth and steady ride, even with added cargo.

Whether your focus is on transporting people or cargo, a higher weight capacity offers greater versatility for future needs. A 350-pound capacity suits extra passengers or lighter loads, while a 400-450-pound limit enables carrying large loads. For heavy-duty hauling, look for bikes that accommodate 500 pounds of cargo or more.


Cargo e-bikes, being heavier and bulkier, typically have a relatively limited range. For neighborhood trips like picking up kids from school or running errands, range limitations may not be a significant concern. 


However, it's important to note that even cargo e-bikes with extended-range capabilities may experience reduced mileage when carrying heavier loads. The motor has to work harder to transport the cargo from point A to point B, impacting the overall range.



When it comes to cargo e-bikes, there are various types to choose from, each with its advantages and drawbacks. Longtail models, for instance, feature an extended rear rack for cargo or passengers. They provide ample storage space while maintaining a slimmer profile, making them ideal for homes with limited storage capacity.

On the other hand, front box cargo bikes boast a sizable, low-slung container at the front, effortlessly accommodating large or awkwardly shaped items, as well as multiple passengers. 

While most electric cargo bikes fall within these categories, there are also interesting outliers available, such as compact, foldable, and tricycle-like e-bikes, offering additional choices to consider.


To enhance your unique commute, consider adding extra accessories like additional storage compartments or a cargo net. Look for features such as premium brakes for improved stopping power, enhanced suspension for a smoother ride, a lockable battery pack for added security, and safety elements like blinkers, reflectors, and a bell.


Finding a comfortable e-bike can be challenging, but certain features contribute to a cozy ride. Look for e-bikes with an adjustable seat and handlebar stem for personalized comfort. Opt for a design that promotes an upright and relaxed posture. Additionally, choose e-bikes with shock-absorbing tires for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Final Words

With the many cargo e-bike options available, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Instead of gambling on unknown commodities, opt for the reliable CycWagen. Beyond standout capabilities, its reputation substantiates trust—backed by a 2-year warranty. When you choose the CycWagen, you can be confident knowing you're investing in a high-quality, dependable cargo e-bike.

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