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Dual Battery Cargo E-Bike Showdown: CYCROWN CycWagen vs. Heybike Hauler

Dual Battery Cargo E-Bike Showdown: CYCROWN CycWagen vs. Heybike Hauler

Electric cargo bikes have become essential in urban life, offering a range of practical applications. For individuals, a cargo e-bike can be transformative, facilitating grocery trips and errands with ease.

For businesses, an electric cargo bike is invaluable for delivery services, ensuring timely and effortless deliveries thanks to the pedal-assist feature. For families, a cargo e-bike provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to transport children to school and other destinations.

Recognizing the versatility and utility of cargo e-bikes, manufacturers strive to enhance the riding experience by extending the range of these vehicles. One innovative approach is the dual-battery design, which allows cargo e-bikes to achieve a longer range on a single charge, meeting the needs of riders who require extended operational capabilities.

Today, we will examine two dual-battery cargo e-bike models: the CYCROWN CycWagen and the Heybike Hauler. Both models represent the first dual-battery cargo e-bikes from their respective brands, enabling riders to undertake longer journeys or tackle more demanding tasks without frequent recharging.

CYCROWN CycWagen vs. Heybike Hauler

The Heybike Hauler and CYCROWN CycWagen are feature-packed e-bikes designed for heavy hauling. Here's a table to compare the specifics:



Heybike Hauler



750W Rear Hub (1400W Peak)

750W Rear Hub (1000W Peak)


48V 18Ah +12.5Ah (Dual Batteries)

48V 10 +15Ah Dual Batteries


85 Miles (Dual Batteries)

120 Miles


Front Suspension

Front Suspension


Cadence Sensor

Torque Sensor


Hydraulic Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Max Load

440 lbs



$1,799.00 (Dual Batteries)


It's worth noting that the Heybike Hauler is available in single-battery and dual-battery versions, providing customers the flexibility to choose the configuration that best suits their specific needs and usage scenarios. 


Now let's unpack the differences and see how they impact your riding experience.


Both CycWagen and Hauler are equipped with a 750W rear hub motor and can reach a top speed of 28 MPH. However, the Hauler stands out with its ability to produce up to 80Nm of torque with a 1400W peak output, compared to the CycWagen's 72Nm torque and 1000W peak power.


Here's where the CycWagen truly shines. With two high-capacity UL-2849 certified batteries, combined for a substantial 1200Wh total, riders can expect a maximum range of up to 120 miles. In contrast, the Hauler offers a maximum range of 55 miles on a single battery and 85 miles with a dual-battery setup, .


Both bikes offer front suspension forks, but the CycWagen goes further with 50mm of travel and lockout. This translates to a more comfortable ride, especially when tackling rough terrain.


Unlike cadence sensors, the CycWagen features torque sensors that provide electric assistance proportional to the rider's effort. These sensors detect changes in effort, allowing the bike to accelerate smoothly from a standstill


    CycWagen Dual Battery Cargo Ebike


    Benefits of Torque Sensors in a Cargo E-Bike

    • Smooth and Responsive Assistance: Torque sensors provide electric assistance proportional to the rider's pedaling effort, resulting in a more natural ride with better control and stability, especially when carrying heavy loads.
    • Improved Efficiency and Range: Delivering power based on the rider's effort ensures efficient motor use, leading to better battery management and extended range.
    • Enhanced Riding Comfort: Torque sensors provide seamless power transition, reducing jerky movements and making the ride more comfortable, especially important for e-bikes carrying delicate items or passengers.
    • Better Performance on Inclines: Torque sensors detect increased effort on hills or acceleration, providing additional power when needed most, making it easier to navigate inclines with heavy cargo.
    • Safety and Stability: The immediate response of torque sensors enhances stability by providing consistent power delivery, crucial for transporting heavy or unbalanced loads.

    Performance Analysis: Built for Heavy Hauling

    Now that we've compared features, let's see how these translate to real-world performance.

    • Speed: Both bikes have a top speed of 28 mph – a significant boost for timely deliveries and efficient hauling.
    • Range: The CycWagen stands out with its extended range, making it ideal for extensive delivery routes or long errands without the constant worry of recharging.
    • Terrain Adaptability: Both bikes feature 20”x3” fat tires, perfect for various terrains. However, the CycWagen's torque sensor ensures a smoother and more natural riding experience, especially when navigating hills and uneven surfaces. This makes it easier to transport heavy loads without compromising stability.

    At a competitive price of $1,499.99, the CycWagen is a cost-effective option that provides a reliable, powerful, and comfortable riding experience, regardless of terrain or distance.

    Customer Satisfaction: Why Riders Love the CycWagen?

    At CYCROWN, we believe that attention to detail makes the perfect ride. That's why we meticulously craft every bike to elevate the riding experience for every rider. The CycWagen is a testament to this philosophy, showcasing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


    Ultimate Comforts

    At CYCROWN, we don’t just sell electric bikes; we sell a superior riding experience. To ensure a natural and comfortable ride, the CycWagen includes several comprehensive comfort features:

    • Dropper Seatpost: Experience customizable comfort with the dropper Seatpost on the CycWagen. Easily adjust the seat height to your preference, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable ride tailored to your needs.
    • Footboards: Enjoy ultimate comfort and safety with the CycWagen's included footboards. Your VIP passengers have a secure place to rest their legs, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free ride, away from harm's reach.

    Safety in Details

    Beyond general safety features such as UL-certified batteries, dual hydraulic brakes, and 20*3.0" fat tires, we go the extra mile to ensure safe riding with these additional features:

    • 48V LED Headlight: Light up your path with CycWagen's 48V LED headlight, ensuring clear visibility and safety on the road, day or night. Safety is the top priority in our design.
    • Turn Signal: With clear directional indicators — turn signals — you can signal your next move, ensuring others can navigate around you safely. Ride with CycWagen, and ride with confidence and peace of mind.


    With a robust carrying capacity of up to 440 lbs and the ability to configure your bike in up to 200 ways, the CycWagen is perfect for various family activities, from daily commutes to weekend adventures.



    • Transporting Children: With the CycWagen, parents can transport their children safely and comfortably. Install child seats or benches on the bike to ensure your little ones are secure and happy during the ride. The sturdy design and ample space provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for the rider and passengers.
    • Bringing Pets Along: Pets are family too, and CycWagen ensures they can join in on the fun. Attach a pet carrier or a specially designed pet basket to the bike, allowing your furry friends to enjoy the ride while staying safe and secure.
    • Essential Gear for Family Outings: Whether a family picnic, a day at the beach, or an outdoor sports adventure like surfing, the CycWagen has you covered. Load all your essentials, from picnic baskets and coolers to sports equipment and beach gear. The bike's impressive load capacity and customizable storage options make bringing everything you need for a perfect day out easy.

    Final Thoughts

    Investing in an electric cargo bike is a smart decision. To maximize the value for your money, it's essential to do thorough research before making your final choice. Comparing different brands helps select the best fit for your needs and budget.

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